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25 October 2008 @ 09:11 am
Hello~ This is the perfect Princess Stephanie!
I've invaded Lina's journal because she forgot to logout before going for the We Got Married filming.
At this point of time,
I think she is torturing poor Jonghyunnie into being her slave.
They are probably out hunting for groceries and she's making him carry all the things.
She does that to us all the time,
because we're her dongsaengs.

Unnie-yah, you really can't treat your nampyun like you do to us~
He'll want you to be girly and perfect and pretty,
may the higher beings forbid you do anything masculine in front of him!
I still remember you pulling and pushing the bed around with the three of us on it.
We're not exactly sticks either.
I don't know how a Chopstick Sister like you can have so much strength,
you're the skinniest!
This is not fair!

I can only hope for the best with this,
Unnie, please don't scare our brother-in-law away even before we get to see your apartment.
I heard about the housewarming~
Don't try to lie and escape from me.
I asked manager-sshi and he already confirmed it with the PD-nim.

You are totally inviting me to your housewarming.
Oh and Sunday and Dana have things to say too.

Please don't listen to her nonsense, Lina,
you're not going to do fine with Jonghyun.


Yay! We love you all the way, unnie~

Stephanie Kim~

P.S: You called yourself Madam Lee in front of him?
What type of newlywed wife does that?!
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24 October 2008 @ 07:35 pm
Manager-sshi set up a meeting for Jonghyun-ah and I,
so we met at this cafe in our disguises and it was like meeting with an old friend.
He was such an open person and he was so carefree,
he spoke as if he trusted me with every word and secret,
and then he listened to me like he was really interested in every word.
He was so flattering,
but I wonder if he really likes me that much~

I like him quite a bit though,
even though I don't feel like his girlfriend or wife,
but more like his noona only.
He keeps calling me Lina noona, noona, noona.
It doesn't quite feel like getting married at all! ^^;;
I suppose since he's so young,
he doesn't know how being married will be like.

Was it such a good idea though?
To have such a young and innocent boy on We Got Married?
I think of him as shillang in my head now,
or at least I try to, but I feel like a complete pedophile,
but he seems to think this is some kind of game.
I mean, it is a variety show,
but still~ We are supposed to be married.
For once, Stephanie is being nice.
She says 'Jonghyunnie' needs to take time getting used to having such a gorgeous girl like me as a wife.
She says he must still be in shock that he hooked up such a big catch.
Nice try, Stephanie, I know you stole my clothes -_-;;
Sunday was really encouraging though,
she said that Jonghyun is just getting used to the whole idea.
Dana says he's trying out the wooing bit now,
and maybe he'll start calling me buin when filming starts.

Oh, I just received a text message from him.

'Noona, from now on, you can call me 老公 (it means husband) and I will call you 老婆 (this one means wife) okay? 老婆,我爱你! (Wife, I love you!)'

Aiyoh, how cute is he?
My adorable 老公 and 실랑,
Kim Jonghyun~!
I married such a sweetie,
maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to have Jonghyun after all.
He seems so romantic,
I had so much fun sharing a cup of coffee and stories with him.
Even though he talked more than me this time,
I hope I too can open up to him and speak to him freely like husband and wife should be able to.

Aish, this is so embarrassing~
Anyway, this is a picture I took of Jonghyun.
It was after we found a safe spot to remove our disguises.
We had to move through a lot of cafes to avoid his fans though,
our Shapeleys know not to stalk me. 8D

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Jonghyunnie posing for the camera~

I didn't realize how late it's getting!
Stephanie is yelling that I'm going to get wrinkles if I stay up any longer,
which is bad for my already ugly face.
Yes, we know, Stephanie, not everyone is as blessed as you are.
I'm off to rest now then~

Lina Lee Jiyeon
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24 October 2008 @ 07:29 am
So during the conference today,
PD-nim finally announced my decided couple partner.
I was surprised that we were from the same label company,
can you guess who it is?
Even Dana is laughing at me because of how queer we will be,
somewhat like the current 'ssangchu' couple.
Hwangbo unnie and Hyun Joong are pretty funny,
although the PD-nim has said we have to be our own unique selves too.

My partner is~ Shining Bling Bling Kim Jonghyun!
Aigoo, it really feels like the 'ssangchu' couple,
because I am 6 years older than Jonghyun too.
Now I feel so old because such a youthful 18-year-old will be my partner.
I feel like a pedophile though,
because he is so young.

It's getting late,
everyone, please eat and rest well!
23 October 2008 @ 12:23 am
Hello everyone!
Today, manager-sshi told me that I would be joining the show,
We Got Married.

I have no idea who my partner will be,
but I hope he will be a good one~
I'm so excited!
Even though Stephanie is bugging me about me incessantly.
She wants to know who my husband will be~
I heard that maybe I would be paired up with Changmin-sshi,
because he is the only one left in 동방신기 who doesn't have a partner.

I will bring more news as soon as possible~

Lina Lee Jiyeon

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